How To Increase Your Android Ram Memory

Once of the worst thing that can ever happen to Android users is for their device to be crawling like snail or freezes whenever you open one or more application. This kind of problem normally happen when your Android device is running low on RAM, therefore you can¡¯t open all the necessary games and apps because of this.

Though Link2sd

that I talked about the other day will only help you free application spaceinstead of running those app directly on your phone memory; while the RAM expander gives you an additionalRAM space on your SD card.

I know you will be wondering how can an app increase the RAM memory of your android device butThe app can increase the RAM of Smartphone with anew technologyin which a new file is created called as SWAP file on the SD card and this file is used as Virtual RAM to boost the performance of Android Smartphone. The App that can do this unthinkable task isROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER.

Let me quickly introduce you to ROEHSOFT RAM Expander. ROEHSOFT RAM Expander will bail you out of insufficient RAM memory. This app uses part of your memory card as ram if your SD card is large.


-It will do the following on your Android device;

-Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)

– Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB (file system limit)

– No limit on SWAP partition!

– The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with sd card from class-8

– Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)

– Detailed Memory Information & Analysis

– Autorun

– Swappiness kernel parameter set

– Easy foolproof use (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)

– Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernelswap support)Tre

Before Your Download This App, Check Compatibility With Your Device

But before using the ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER app, it is very important tofirst check whether your device is compatible with the ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER app or not.

To check compatibility, download from Google play Memory info & swipe file

Check plugin which is free to downloadand use. The main purpose of the software is to check whether your device is compatible with RAMEXPANDER or not.; because some some Android devices are not in supportin spite of root privileges

How Can I Download This App?

Visit Google play to Download

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