How to Root Galaxy S4

As many Galaxy S4s are built in Android 4.4.2 or Kitkat operating system , this smartphone is truly a good stuff to be chosen. For maximiling its potency, some people create their Galaxy S4 to be a rooted Galaxy S4 so the performance is expanded and gives many benefits. Besides rooting gives many benefits, the performance of Kitkat operating system itself is great and faster. Many features are provided to give the user the maximum ability of the phone. The android 4.4 provides faster multitasking. The fine multitasking comes from the optimization of memory and the improvement of touchscreen process so the response is faster and more accurately. And now, we need to find out how to root galaxy S4.

What the Galaxy S4 has is also something that will never disappoint your desire for satisfaction. The dreams of fast and sophisticated smartphone are fused in this Galaxy S4. Galaxy S4 uses a quadcore 1.9 GHz processor that will give an efficient, fast, accurate, and fine performance as there will be four cores that will divides the focus of processing so the process of multitasking can be done at the same time with each core that controls many different process. The great processor is also balanced by great RAM capacity that is 2 GB that will ease the processor burden. How great can this phone be if we root this phone for more performances? Let’s find out how to root galaxy S4.

The first steps in rooting Galaxy S4 is entering the settings and click “more” and “about device” to find a “build number” and then click it until a message that said “developer mode has been enabled”. Then back to the previous menu and find “developer option” text and click it. There, you have to make sure that the developer options and “USB debugging” are marked ON. Then connect your S4 with computer and then allow USB debugging, if there is no such message, ignore this step and just skip. These are the first steps of how to root galaxy S4.


The next step is configuring your computer, if your computer uses linux or mac, you don’t need these steps. If you use windows, check your device manager and see if you have device installed like “Samsung android ADB Interface” or some type of “ADB interface”. Then go to the internet and download Extract the zip and run the “run.bat” to begin the rooting. If earlier the debugging windows does not pop-up, it will comes in these steps and also you have to hit “agree” in this verify apps. These are the next steps of how to root Galaxy S4.

When the steps of how to root galaxy S4 before has done, click enter and the smartphone will be rooted and will reboot. When the phone turns on again, you will see superuser app in your app drawer. If it has happened, there your phone has successfully rooted.

The lasting to do is testing the root with installing a rooted application. The example is like Titanium backup app. If the superuser request appears, the root is ready and will increase your phone performance. That is how to root galaxy S4 is done.

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