How to Root Galaxy S5

How to Root Galaxy S5 is a step to allow you to get the fastest performance of the mobile maximally. The features of the Galaxy S5 are quite impressive, but the system of gaps between the internal and the external memory can be a problem for some people. The S5 have a memory internal 2 gb and the external can reach more than 32 GB. To make it unite, a root in Galaxy S5 is a must to maximize the performance of memory and let the application run smoothly.

The Galaxy S5 has the specifications of the heart beat detections and the finger print of the security system. They are the features that do not exist in the S4. Then, the performance after doing some steps how to Root Galaxy S5, you will handle your own mobile and you can control the internal memory in order not to unload earlier. For the access system, you will have unlimited access to the android. In fact, the mobile will read the instruction faster than the standard of the vendor’s application in downloading and playing the game.

Some suggestion how to Root Galaxy S5 is that you need backup your data before you do this step. It is only the preventive actions in order that your data are safe if suddenly you want to cancel the root system. There are two ways to root the S5, one is only using the mobile and the second is using the CPU. In this topic, if your needed is just to install the mobile, you can apply the mobile only without backup the data. This method is occupied for the SM-G900T for types of T, P, R4, T1, W8, F, M, and H.


For the first step, you can hold the three buttons on the mobile, the center of home, the volume down, and the power off. You hold them in the same time about five seconds and you will a warning system. Then, you can press the volume up and the box of downloading will appear. The next step, you can connect it to the computer. It is used to complete the step how to Root Galaxy S5 by downloading the file of zip for the galaxy S5. Then, you can select the models of S5 that you want. Instantly, you must take “PDA” to end the operating to root in the term of “tar.md5”.

On this step, you should click double on odin3-v3.07.exe. Then, you can follow the instruction how to Root Galaxy S5 in the file system to your mobile by hitting the word, start. If you have done those steps, the computer will offer you to restart the system of the mobile and you are in auto root CF. Then, the rebooting should be applied right now.

This is the last step how to Root Galaxy S5. After rebooting the S5, you can restart and you have to find SuperSU application. The double clicks to open it, and then the mobile informs you that the KNOX security system does not exist. You can let it go because it is just useless security system. It means that the rooted of Galaxy S5 is 100% finish.

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