How to Root Lenovo A269i without PC

Perhaps, one of your friends ever asked you to root their mobile, A269i. Then, you give a reason that the process needed PC to operate the system. Literally, you just said that you cannot do that. Then, now, you should be proud because there is a simple way how to Root Lenovo A269i. This only requires your eyes and your fingers to read and to press some buttons on the mobile. Then, you can download some applications to support your root later. The advantage that you will get that the memory will have some spaces more.

Some spaces will be sufficient for you to save lot moments from the camera, video, applications, and the downloader. Al that you have to do is doing the instructions how to Root Lenovo A269i. Generally, the system after rooting will affect to four things. First is increasing RAM, ROMs, the internal memory, and play HD games. Before you root Lenovo A269i without PC, you can see the specifications that A269i have the internal memory only 512, and the microSD maximally 32 GB.

Yet, you will have an extra space after doing the instructions how to Root Lenovo A269i. The performances of A269i will have a progress. It has moiré spaces in the memory, the ROMs, the RAMs, and other surprising thing in your mobile. Moreover, the application of the games will play fast. You can start rooting the mobile by charging the mobile at least 50% and the preventive action by moving all the data such as the message, the applications, and some others that you think is necessary.


The instructions, how to Root Lenovo A269i, still run, you should download the application and install the framaroot by following the instruction that the cart offers to you. The, you have to go to the setting device to find out the framaroot and install it as the order of rooting Lenovo A269i. With those applications, you can go to the first gate of the root. Next, you can launch the application of the installation from the application drawer. Now, while the application launches, it will show some images that you can ignore it. Yet, you have to click the on BOROMIR.

Then the last thing from how to Root Lenovo A269i, you can allow the installation works as their selves. Some instructions will be offered. Then, just follow the offering instructions. The last instruction, the result will show you that you need the application named SU binary. Then, you have to wait the screen writes down,” success”. It means, your root is finally done. After that, you can reboot your mobile in order to unite the applications setting in the your mobile.

By doing this how to Root Lenovo A269i, you will realize that the jelly bean operation can be upgraded into the high class of that, in the same time, it is inside the lowest type of the mobile. With this, the performances of the mobile will be more than standard from the manufacture. The memory will increase significantly, the game application play well, and the download will conduct fast.

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