How to Root Nexus 10 [EASIEST METHOD]

When you have a Nexus 10 in your hand which is equipped by Android kitkat operating system, you will feel the world is in your palm of hand. As kitkat operating systek itself has a great performance, this version has the swiftest process in android which increases the speed in processing the commands that you made. But if you know how fast it is, have you ever heard about a tutorial entitled how to root nexus 10?

Let’s talk the rooting nexus 10 later continue to talk about this phone. This nexus 10 is a thin and light tablet which is really portable. If you have a long distance relationship or your job force you to stay in a place where it is far from relatives and best friends, this nexus provides you a free messaging video chatting using hangouts app. The 1.9 MP cameras will give a clear picture of your family or girlfriend who is far away from you. Such a wonderful phone, and by rooting it you make it more wonderful. Let’s start the tutorial of how to root nexus 10 in easiest way.

The first steps of how to root nexus 10 are pressing three buttons and hold it for about 20s. The three buttons are power button, and both volume up and volume down buttons. When you enter a fastboot mode, connect your phone with computer with micro-USB cable and download Nexus10RootNew from your computer. Next open device manager and make sure that your windows has “android bootloader interface”.


Then let’s unlock bootloader, and in your computer, open command prompt app and type “cd downloads”, cd Nexus10RootNew, and “fastboot oem unlock”. When you have type it, back to your phone and there will be pop up window for unlocking bootloader, choose “yes” and press power buttons. Your bootloader has been unlocked and this time you have to restart it. When rebooting is done, you will sign in again. After signing in, copy and SuperSU app anywhere inside your phone. That’s how to root nexus 10 so far.

The next steep after copying the downloaded file is rebooting and entering fastboot mode by pressing three buttons again. With the cable that stay connected, let’s flash the CMW recovery. This current step of how to root nexus 10 brings you again to the command prompt again. In CMD, type “fastboot recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-”. Move the selection using volume button and then hit power button to choose “recovery mode”.

When you are in cmw recovery, you will find so many menus to be chosen like “install zip from sideload” but you should choose “install zip from sdcard”. Then find the copied and SuperSU zip file in your storage to start the rooting process in your phone. If it has been found, the process of rooting will start. This process of how to root nexus 10 will take a moment to set as it is applying new additional operating system in your phone which will make it for accessible when used. When done, try to install and rooted apps like titanium backup and if it is successful, congratulation, you have a rooted Nexus 10.

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