How to Unroot/Unbrick LG G3

Un-root use to return the phone as their original condition. It will be useful when you want to get back the warranty from the shop, include for the LG G3 phone. Before telling about how to unroot/unbrick LG G3, it is better to know its original Android OS as your destiny of un-rooting. LG G3 uses the Android 4.4 KitKat as its original OS. Android KitKat is the newest android version with many benefits developments from the previous versions. This android version has better performances in its display, speed of browsing, and the complete application.

Besides the original Android OS as used in the phone, LG G3 has powerful specification that supports the great performance of the phone. It has 13 MP main cameras and 2 MP seconder cameras to record your moments. Besides it, to make the smooth access, this great phone has 3 GB RAM. It will be great choice of smartphone. However, as the writer says before, when you want to return the phone in original condition, you must do the un-root ways. Here the writer will explain how to unroot/unbrick LG G3.

To unroot/unbrick LG G3, you will have some steps to do. Besides it, before knowing the step in how to unroot/unbrick LG G3, you should prepare LG Flash tool in your Windows computer. The first step you must do is unplugging the battery then holding the volume up and down button. Then, connect your phone with the computer. You will see the download mode in your screen.


The next step in how to unroot/unbrick LG G3 is going to the LG G3 website and downloading the appropriate firmware and DLL file to your phone. After it, unzip the stock firmware file. By unzipping that file, you will have a folder as its result. Then, move to the LG Flash tool. Run it by double click the exe file. After finish installing the LG Flash tool, run it and click finish.

Now, you have the LG Flash tool programs. Then move to the next step in how to unroot/unbrick LG G3. The next step is copying the MegaLock.dll file and paste to the C:LGLGFlashTool directory. Then, go to the device manager in the control panel menu in your computer. You should see the LGE Mobile USB Serial Port. Double click on it to see the COM 41. Then, go to the Port Setting and choose the advanced menu.

The next step in how to unroot/unbrick LG G3 you should do is setting the COM port number in COM 41 then hit “Ok” button. After it, open the LG Flash tool program, check the “select manual mode”, make sure it is on. Then, set the DLL file as you downloaded and set S/W to the stock firmware. Hit “Ok” button. Click on the right arrow button in the program. After get the “READY” notification, unplug the USB cable around 3 seconds and plug again. LG Flash tool will install the firmware. You should waiting until there is “PASS” notification and 3 icons in your screen. If you see all of these, you are success to unroot/unbrick LG G3. Congratulations!

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