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Download Xt181 Portable Proxy as Best Alternative to MTN Simple Server for PC

I know that you guys have been enjoying unlimited browsing on PC with MTN BB10 subscription and Simple Server, but since change remains the only constant thing in life, sometimes you need that change here too to pep up your browsing.

Today we are going to be giving you the best alternative to simple server for PC so you can continue browsing with MTN BB10 subscription in a much faster and stable manner.

And Xt181 portable proxy will be the next thing online for your PC browsing with MTN BB10 subscription.

Remember that we did similar thing for droiders, when we dropped Pshiphon as best alternative to simple server apk, but today we want to focus attention to those that use PC.

download xt181 portable proxy

We are dropping Xt181 portable proxy as an alternative to Simple Server because we noticed that it appears more stable and it is even faster than simple server.

Without further ado lets go straight and show you how to  use Xt181 portable proxy as best simple server alternative for PC browsing with MTN BB sub;

= => First of all you must have subscribed to any of the BB10 BBLITE daily, weekly or monthly plan same way you did while using simple server

= => You also need to configure your browser to use proxy server address as and 8080 for the port in similar fashion with your simple server

= => You need Xt181 portable proxy that will now replace your simple server, download it here

= => It is a zip folder, so you need to extract the content of the folder after download with any of your zip folder manager; you will find 3 files inside

= => Launch the executable file in it to kick-start the Xt181 portable proxy

= => Then insert your modem with any of the MTN BB10 plan subscribed SIM and connect it

= => Finally on your launched Xt181 portable proxy locate and click on Listen at the top left hand side to connect.

Start surfing with your browser until you are tired.

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