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Help! I Am So Confused Because I’m in Love With My Sister’s Ex-Boyfriend, What Do I Do?

Help!! A worried woman has asked for help after falling in love with her sister’s ex-boyfriend who has plans of marriage with her but cannot because of the past.

Dear Readers,

Please, what can I do? I am in love with my senior sisters ex boyfriend. What led to the break up in school was that the guy was the SUG President back then in school and women couldn’t let him rest, so my sister feels that he is not giving her the attention she needs and my sister walked away, although the guy came back begging her but she refused.

My sister is married now, and her husband is not well to do, though they are managing. She has three kids (3 boys). When this guy first met me on social network, he told me that my sister won’t accept him marrying me because she did series of abortion for him, when they were still too young, And that he does not want to cause drift between me and my sister.

I have come to love him so so much. He loves me too, have proposed already, but I have not told my sister who he is. She has said I should send her his pictures but I have been dodging that part. My mother is late, she is the only mother I have, my heart skips all the time remembering I am dating her ex. I never knew they were lovers back in the university days until the guy saw her picture on my room wall the day he came visiting and told me their story.

I tried one day when I went visiting my sister to call his surname, saying my course mate bears the name, but the way she told me such people that bear that name are Casanova and flirts, I was like why did she say so, but she pretended as if she never heard my question, her last statements were like, you are in school to read not to know men.

He is a husband I want to marry, very accommodating and caring. The saloon I own in school , he gave me money to rent a shop and start something because I am good in braiding. My senior sister is my worry. This guy has told me not to worry, that if it can’t work out, that it is not our fault, but I can’t imagine a life without him. Things are really hard for us. My mother died when I was 8years and my father married a second wife who turned us to her restaurant maids, from their I ran to my maternal home and my grandma enrolled me in school, that was how I got to where I am today. I was doing my braiding by the road side before he rented a shop for two years for me.

From my shop I do sometimes send money to my sister and her children. My sister married out of hardship and my step mother lured her to marry a plumber man. How can I handle this? Am 27years in my final year in school,didn’t start early because I couldn’t raise money, my sister is 36years .my sister went to university early because she endured my step mothers torture. He is 37 years old an engineer.

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  1. xto

    January 16, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    You hav to act fast> get this thing over with as quickly as you can. both of u shud schedule a meeting with ur sis and tell her. it doesnt matter hw she feels afterwards, its just to fulfil all righteousness. Then go ahead and get married

  2. favour

    January 19, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Please forget him if you dont want to hurt your sister. remember blood is thicker than water. he is your elder sister ex-bf and your sister has did series of abortion when they are dating. it is very hard to cope with if your sister found out. cos same thing happen to me too. i have to let go of the guy cos of my sister happiness.

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