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Reasons Why You Should Change Your Under Wears Often


Well i know most of you will be surprised that i choose to talk about this topic cause You wouldn’t think there’d be a lot to learn about underwear — wear it, change it, wash it, repeat — but there’s actually more than most men think.

Simple Rules for What You Wear Under There

With that sentiment in mind, there are a number of simple rules you can follow when it comes to men’s health and underwear.

“Your old underwear is not sentimental, It’s disgusting. Throw it out. Once a month throw out any underwear that is unpresentable. Gray, ripped, unsightly. Get rid of it. Uncertain? Toss it.”

this purge should be accompanied by buying new underwear regularly. “In fact, every time you get a haircut, buy some new underwear. Link buying new underwear to something you already do on a schedule, so you get into the habit.”

Don’t get locked into just one type of underwear. “My advice is to switch it up — and unless you’re religiously committed to boxers or briefs, have fun with your underwear and have some of both,”. If you have fun with your underwear, she will, too — and everybody wins! Colors, fabrics, cuts, styles — have at least one pair of each.

One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to keep things fresh in the bedroom, and while your underwear isn’t a cure-all for bad bedroom skills, it sure can’t hurt.
Health Benefits of Changing Your Underwear

Hygiene is something that is extremely important when we talk about health.

We should change our underwear frequently if we want to stay healthy.

Since male and female genitals are very prone to different bacteria and infections, we want to protect them as much as we can.

UnderwearThey constantly secrete some kind of fluid to keep clean and that fluid always stays on our underwear.

This is the biggest reason why our underwear gets dirty.

If we do not change them often, bacteria that flushed out of our system will remain too long on our underwear and we can easily have an infection.

This means that every time we take a shower, we much change them.

Perhaps it is not necessary to change them every day, but do not change your underwear once a week either.

This is the first reason why you should change your underwear often.

As we mentioned before, good hygiene is necessary to avoid any infection, viruses and bacteria.

Since nobody wants have health problems in that area, do the smart thing and take care of yourself.

You body gets rid of bacteria naturally. If you do not change your underwear often, that bacteria will stay on them and it can be easily transferred to your genitals.

There are many infections that are possible, and they are much more frequent among women.
Bad odor

Your body is constantly sweating. That part of your body doesn’t have proper ventilation, so bacteria will grow very easily. Since bacteria are responsible for bad odor, you can expect your private parts to smell very quickly.

It is not enough to just change your underwear, you have to take a shower too.
Skid marks

Skid marks are fairly common. You do not want to take a girl to bed, only to find that your white underwear is not clean.
Other benefits

You will prevent itching
The underwear will not stick to your skin
Prevent embarrassing situation – you always have a situation in life when your friends accidentally see your underwear
If you pants tear, your dirty underwear will show
Embarrassment when you are trying out new pants

How often should I change my underwear?

“Change them as often as you think it is OK. Once a day is recommended, but if you sweat a lot, that it is advisable that you change them even more.”


You should change your underwear every day. If you are exercising very often, it is advisable that you change them after your workout.

Never put on the same underwear after you take a shower.

Since women are more prone to infections, they should pay more attention to this than men.

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