My Girlfriend Dumped Me 2 Weeks Ago Because Of My Small Joystick And Now She Wants Me Back(Read Full Story)

There’s this girl that we dated for over a month. We really loved eachother so much, even we planned to get married later this year.

She was everything to me. Initially, when we had se x she complained of my small jo ystick in which it affected my ego so much. She even went ahead to purchase drug that may enlarge it in which it’s very uncertain.

But in following day, she began to distance herself from me. She put up some uncaring attitudes in which I overlooked due to my extreme love for her. When she broke up with me, she told me that we should remain as friends that we should fix the issue of my joystick enlargement that after then we’ll now talk about the relationship again.

Two days after she broke up with me she has been calling me since then, sometimes I would ignore her WhatsApp msgs/ calls, sometimes I might pick it sometimes I might not. She even invited me to her house on New Year day in which I refused to go in order to maintain my ego and respect. With the way she’s been calling me, does it mean she wants me back or something else?

Though, for the past 3 days now I haven’t heard from her and am worried and really miss her,I dnt want to be tempted to call her. Does it also mean she has moved on? Pls I need a mature advice. I can’t just stop thinking about her.

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