“Alakada Reloaded”: 3 reasons why you should see comedy movie

A scene from Alakada Reloaded

Pulse Movies has put together three reasons why you might want to add "Alakada Reloaded" to your to-do list.

"Alakada Reloaded" makes its debut on May 26, 2017, and Pulse Movies has put together three reasons why you might want to add the movie to your to-do list.

"Alakada Reloaded" follows Yetunde Animashaun (Toyin Abraham), a young girl who is from a poor family background and as a result of her inferiority complex, engages in the act of making up stories and lying about her financial and social status in order to fit in with the crowd.


Check out three reasons why you probably would want to see the movie;

1. Toyin Aimakhu

As Yetunde, Aimakhu is in her comfort zone, blending apt facial expressions and Yoruba indigenous language to induce laughter from viewers.

2. Odunlade Adekola

Odunlade is a comedian. From the scene when he makes his entrance into the reality show house to the moment he takes his leave, Adekola owns the screen, making it impossible to see other characters.

He doesn't just take over the screen, he also makes the audience laugh.

3. It's the kind of comedy most Nigerians crave

"Alakada Reloaded" has the qualities of a successful Nollywood movie. It has the right cast delivering exaggerated acts that most Nigerians will find hilarious.


The upcoming comedy stars Aimakhu alongside Kehinde Bankole, Woli Arole, Nedu OAP, Helen Paul, Lilian Esoro, Annie Idibia, Bidemi Kosoko, Liz Da Silva, Gabriel Afolayan, Comedian Ebiye among others.

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