9-year-old Boy Gets Soaked in Gasoline and Set on Fire in His Home. You will be shocked why

In what will come across as a rather shocking development, a young boy hasbeen found out to have been set on fire after being drenched in gasoline.

Firefighters at the scene of the incidentA young American boy has been set on fire.

The boy was found burning in his home at night.According to CBS news, when firefighters responded to a house fire at the boy’s home, they found the 9-year-old boy soaked in gasoline and on fire.

The boy suffered second and third-degree burns.He was taken by ambulance to the local high school where a helicopter was waiting to transport him to the hospital.

Fire crews responded to the call in Little Axe, OK, in Oklahoma,USA, around 6p.m. Saturday night.

They say they aren’t certain how or why there was gasoline on the boy.Authorities did not say if there were any other injuries.


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